How to Login to the WordPress Admin Page

So you have this brand new WordPress site and you might be asking, “how do I post an article?” or “how do I edit my blog’s name?” or “how do I moderate comments?”. You can do all this and more within the admin panel.

WordPress has made it really easy to manage your new blog. The developers had the beginner in mind when creating the platform. They also created it to allow room to grow and craft it to the way you like. But let’s not jump too far ahead.

This is going to be a quick guide with some screenshots along the way to help illustrate the steps.

How to log into your WordPress admin page

The first step is to navigate to your site. In your browser bar, we want to type the domain of our blog. In this example, our domain is (this is the domain we do all our testing and tutorials for

navigate to your site

Step #1

Once you have reached your website, you will want to add wp-admin to the end of your domain. Like this:


Once you press enter, you should see a page like this:

admin login page

Step #2

login with your credentials

When you first installed WordPress, you should have set a username and password – enter those on this page. If you have forgotten your credentials, click lost your password? at the bottom of the login box.

Step #3

That’s it! You have now successfully logged into your WordPress admin panel.

admin page

Make sure you bookmark the URL so you can quickly login again in the future. Or simply remember to append wp-admin to the end of your website.

bookmark your admin panel url

What is the WordPress admin URL?

You can get to your admin panel by navigating to You’ll want to add /wp-admin to the end of your website’s URL.

Questions? Ask WeldWP

You’ve done it, very simple, right? But like always if you have an issue or a problem, please comment below.