How to Remove the Comment Form

In this guide we will be walking you through how to remove the comment form from a specific post on WordPress.

To be clear, this guide is for removing the option to write a comment on a post. Existing comments will remain if the post has comments made (you can delete existing comments should you choose).

Step #1:

Once you’ve logged into your administrative panel, click Posts.

Step #2:

Under the post you want to remove the comment function from click Edit.

Step #3

Click Screen Options to drop down an option box.

Step #4

Once there, check the option Discussion.

Step #5

Scroll to the bottom of a page and you should see a new box labeled as discussion.

Uncheck the option allow comments.

Step #6

Once you’ve done that click update.

Questions? Ask WeldWP

Check the post to make sure the comment form is gone. Also like I said above, the existing comments on the post will stay. If you have a question, leave us a comment below.