How to Create a Post on WordPress

Adding a post to your WordPress site is simple and intuitive. This guide will show you exactly how to do so and most of the options associated with it.

Learn how to attached media to your post, set headings and font size, upload a featured image, save a draft and publish your article once you finish.

Step #1:

First thing we want to do is log into our admin panel. Once there on the left hand side, click Posts.

Step #2:

If this is the very first time you have seen this page, it is possible that you will see the default post from installing WordPress (basically welcoming you). You can safely delete this post and to do so, click trash.

Step #3

Now let’s create a post by clicking, Add New.

Step #4

The next page might look a little intimidating. But don’t worry, we will keep this tutorial basic and easy to follow. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Enter Title

This is where you will type the title of your article.

After you type the title of your article, you will notice a link popup under it (like in our example). This link is how you will reach your article in the future. You have the option to edit it if it’s too long. I would recommend you keep it short and concise.

Add Media

Feel free to upload images, documents, and videos to your article.

Heading and Text Options

This is where you can set different headings and text to give your article a little organization and structure.

Text Formatting

You have a few options here. From bullet points, various alignment options, and hyperlinking text can all be achieved via this bar.

You can also change the color of the font and undo/redo. Spend some time here and familiarize yourself with these options.

Save Draft

Although WordPress will auto-save your post every few seconds, you can manually save it by clicking the save draft button.


Clicking the preview button will enable you to see what the post will look like before it’s published. This is useful for making sure the formatting is just the way you want/like it.


Pretty self-explanatory. Publish your post for all to see.

Assign Categories

Here is where you will choose the category that corresponds to the topic you’re writing about. How to create a category.

Assign Keywords

List relevant keywords about your article here. This feature is not completely necessary, it is rare that I add keywords to my posts.

Featured Image

I always recommend that you upload some sort of featured image. Most templates will integrate the image into the blog page and the article itself. Also, when someone shares your content on social media, it will pin the image to the status.

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