How to Create a Category on WordPress

Creating a category on WordPress is a great way to section your site off for better organization. For example on WeldWP, we narrow down each category on our site so that a visitor (like you) can quickly find relevant topics that interest you.

Let’s say our site was covering multiple topics and if we piled everything into a single category, a visitor would quickly get annoyed having to sift through content they don’t care to read about. This is a bad user experience. We cannot have that.

Categories are good for:

  • Organization
  • Large sites with multiple topics
  • Visitor retention/repeat views
  • In some cases good for search engine optimization (SEO)

Learn how to create a new category on your WordPress site by following our tutorial below. Let’s get on with the show.

How to create a new category

Creating a category in WordPress is incredibility easy. First, we want to navigate to our site’s admin panel.

Step #1:

Once you have logged into your admin panel.

Click on Posts.

Category step 1

Step #2:

Click on Categories.

Category step 2

Step #3

On the next page, under Name type the name of the category you want to create. In our example, we want to call our category “dog training.”

Category step 3

Step #4

Under Slug, we will create the URL of our category. You want to add a “-” (dash) instead of a space (i.e., baking-recipes or car-maintenance). In our case, we can call it “dog-training” or we can be a little more specific for the search engines by having our slug as, “easy-dog-training-tips.”

Category step 4

This is how you can directly access your category and search engines (like Google) will index this page containing all the posts under that section. In our example, our dog training category URL would be

Step #5

Under Description, you can add a short summary describing what your category is about.

Category step 5

Once done click Add New Category.

When you create a post, you will now see your new category on the right-hand side.

add category to a post

Questions? Ask WeldWP

Done! Now add some categories to your website and fill them up with great content!