How To Change The Date Format

By default WordPress sets the date format to month, day and year (for example: November 10, 2017). If you want to change that to something you’re more familiar/comfortable with there are a few options available to you.

In just a few easy steps you can have the date format changed to your liking! Follow our easy step by steps instructions below.

Step #1:

Once you’ve logged into your admin panel, on the left menu bar, click Settings. Doing so will put you in the general settings page (where we want to be).

Step #2:

Scroll down a bit. Look for the section called “date format.” You will notice a few options to the right of it. Choose one the fits your style/demographic.

The “custom” setting is where you can make minor tweaks to your date format. For example, you can remove the day (by typing “F Y”).

Or if you want the month only, type “F” in the box.

Feel free to play around with the options (if you’re going with the custom route), but if you are looking for a specific date format, leave us a comment below.